Training for the Advanced Google Maps and Apple Maps Workflow for Alfred

Take yourself from installation to way-finding NINJA!

The new version of the Advanced Google Maps and Apple Maps Workflow for Alfred is infinitely more complex than prior versions. Without some guidance, it is unlikely that most people will get the most out of the workflow, to become power users, and have the ease of rapid direction finding within a few keystrokes.

This course will help take you from installation, through configuration of the flow, advanced configuration within Alfred, and power user features as well.

To support accessibility, all videos are Closed Captioned.

I will commit to supporting this course throughout the v2 major branch at a minimum, and may opt to extend that further at my discretion.

What's included?

13 Videos
1 Quiz
2 Texts
4 Disqus
Stuart Ryan
Stuart Ryan
IT Professional from Sydney, Australia

About the instructor

I am an IT Professional with over 14 years experience in the Australian Higher Education Sector. I have a passion for making life easier with technology, and do so through both my work, and several open source development projects. 

Sharing knowledge and experience is incredibly important to me and a personal passion. Enabling better use of technologies or solutions I have developed, or learned myself through trial and error is something I would like to give back to others.

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